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Everyone has their favorite camping season, ours is Fall/Winter in the Southwest Deserts.  As the desert cools down and gets a little rain, amazing things come out of the ground and the sky.  Here is a little write-up from our friend Dave Druck that shows the simplicity of a teardrop in the desert.  Send us some photos of your trips, we love to see them!
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Storage and Cargo  >  RotopaX Fuel Can - 2 Gallon
RotopaX Fuel Can - 2 Gallon
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RotopaX Fuel Can - 2 Gallon

Price: $79.95
Each single pack holds 2 gallons
17 3/4 L x 13 1/4 W x 3 H

Weight: 5.00 lbs

Durable: thicker walls and stronger construction helps RotopaX work and play as hard as you do.
Colorfast: bright colors that are less prone to fading ensure the longest-lasting fuel containers you�ll ever own.
Leak-Proof: extra threads, thicker walls, and a sure-seal gasket guarantee your spout wont leak or vibrate loose

RotopaX is an exclusive, modular system that allows you to customize 2 Gallon packs according to your varying needs. It takes only seconds to switch between:
Emergency Packs
First Aid Packs
Utility Packs


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