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Scipio Awning

Scipio Awning CAD Drawing
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Scipio Awning

Price: $1,620.00

Sold By: Assembly
Scipio awnings provide shade and comfort in the hot sun, along with protection against rain and wind while camping. The design of these awnings take into consideration the importance of speed and ease of setup, making the Scipio awning quick and easy to use during a short lunch break while traveling, or for efficient setup during bad weather. It only takes approximately 30 seconds to set up the Scipio awning.


- Tubular, powder-coated, cantilevered awning support.
- The fabric is 100% waterproof and has the highest grade UV inhibitors. Fabric includes a 5 year warranty.
- UHMW bushings allow support arms to swivel, thus decreasing wear and tear.
- Awning poles are completely self-supporting. There are no poles or guy ropes to trip over.
- Easy to set up. Two arms fold out and then the awning is rolled out and clipped into place.
- Single-person setup (even in windy conditions).
- Center bow-rod support eliminates "pooling" in rain or snow
- Annex walls available


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