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Everyone has their favorite camping season, ours is Fall/Winter in the Southwest Deserts.  As the desert cools down and gets a little rain, amazing things come out of the ground and the sky.  Here is a little write-up from our friend Dave Druck that shows the simplicity of a teardrop in the desert.  Send us some photos of your trips, we love to see them!
Lighting  >  6 inch Red/White Dome Light
6 inch Red/White Dome Light

6 inch Red/White Dome Light CAD Drawing
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6 inch Red/White Dome Light

Price: $129.99
This light is designed tough enough for heavy duty truck lighting and aesthetic enough for high end interiors. It incorporates the latest in LED technology, high quality superior materials and efficient light diffusion to create one of the highest Lumens per Watt LED lighting products on the market. Combine that performance with an easily installed surface mount design, epoxy sealed electronics and cost effective construction and you have a sure winner.

Designed as a direct replacement for a 40 to 60 Watt halogen can light, this lamp provides an impressive brightness at a market leading performance vs cost ratio. In addition to our other unique design technologies, this lamp incorporates a fully-potted circuit board to prevent corrosion in saltwater or extreme environments.

* Powerful latest generation LED sources
* Output of 450 lumens at less than 10 Watts of power
* Natural white color
* 6" diameter surface mount design
* 12Volt DC 0.650 amp draw
* Touch safe surface temperatures
* Diffuse lens produces natural wide 180 degree output
* Rated for 50,000 hours
* 10 year limited warranty


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