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As we come to the end of the wildflowers blooming and temps starting to increase in the local deserts, we are planning trips to higher elevations.  With all the snow pack this year the first few trips might be a little chilly.  Happy to be high, dry and warm in our So-Cal Teardrop.
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Solar Crank Flashlight

Solar Crank Flashlight  CAD Drawing
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Solar Crank Flashlight

Price: $39.99
Power it up
The Solar flashlight takes eco-friendly LED technology and makes it reliable as your adventures require. The flashlight/floodlight combo can be powered by its built in solar panel, ac/dc input, or a hand crank. As versatile as you, the Solar Flashlight by Goal Zero has a comfortable grip handle and a hands free hook.

* Powerful LED Flashlight
* Recharge from 12V, dynamo crank, solar, or wall plug
* Features LED technology in both floodlight and flashlight options
* Charge using the flip out solar panel
* Be prepared for any emergency with the option to use the hand crank generator to power the rechargeable batteries
* Convenient hook means you can be hands-free


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