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Everyone has their favorite camping season, ours is Fall/Winter in the Southwest Deserts.  As the desert cools down and gets a little rain, amazing things come out of the ground and the sky.  Here is a little write-up from our friend Dave Druck that shows the simplicity of a teardrop in the desert.  Send us some photos of your trips, we love to see them!
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Solar Crank Flashlight

Solar Crank Flashlight  CAD Drawing
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Solar Crank Flashlight

Price: $39.99
Power it up
The Solar flashlight takes eco-friendly LED technology and makes it reliable as your adventures require. The flashlight/floodlight combo can be powered by its built in solar panel, ac/dc input, or a hand crank. As versatile as you, the Solar Flashlight by Goal Zero has a comfortable grip handle and a hands free hook.

* Powerful LED Flashlight
* Recharge from 12V, dynamo crank, solar, or wall plug
* Features LED technology in both floodlight and flashlight options
* Charge using the flip out solar panel
* Be prepared for any emergency with the option to use the hand crank generator to power the rechargeable batteries
* Convenient hook means you can be hands-free


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