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Incognito’s Off Grid Travel Trailers 126, 147 and 147S

The Incognito Off Grid Travel Trailer was designed to support boon docking for a minimum of three weeks without having to rely upon hooking up to water, electricity or dumping waste periodically. By eliminating these camping requirements the owners of the Incognito can enjoy the great outdoors by being self-sufficient as the Incognito generates its own electricity and has filtered water storage that is designed to be reused in a recirculating shower system that allows for longer showers. In addition, the Incognito can be driven to most weather environments as the insulation used is similar to that of the NASA Space Shuttle where extremes of temperatures need to be controlled for human occupancy. Each system within the Incognito is described below.

Electrical System

The Incognito supports roof integrated solar panel system that is capable of generating 1000 watts of power for the 126 configuration and 1400 watts for the 147 configuration with a cloud capability condition of at 50 watts minimum. These panels feed into a charging system that is shared between a backup generator and alternator overcharging from your vehicle; a separate alternate can be installed if necessary as well as a wind generator. The 400 AMPHR batteries keep the 12v 10cuft Refrigerator/Freezer running all day and night whether being towed or docked as well as supply power to the 1800 watt electric cook top while running the oven toaster, microwave, watching the television, or charging a computer all at the same time. The HVAC system is supplied by Climate Right that is rated at 5000 BTU for a maximum space of 726 cubic feet for the 147S configuration that is completely electrical for heating the travel trailer. The interior and exterior lighting are all LEDs and can vary in color by choice.

Framing & Cabin

The Incognito frame and cabin are built from 6063 Aluminum that uses square and rectangle tubing. The frame is supported every 18 inches on center and has two center splines that run the length of the trailer. The reason for two splines is not only to support a more rigid frame, but also allows for a retractable front leveling foot that can be stowed in the almost horizontal position when in travel. The frame also incorporates a deeper storage area as all electrical and water systems are utilized beneath the cabin floor thus allowing for easy access for water tanks, batteries, charging system, plumbing and additional storage compartments. The frame also has an independent suspension system that can be upgraded to travel up to 12 inches if rock climbing is required. The leveling support system of the trailer has expanded adjustable landing pads that are similar in system design to that of the Moon Lander modules that supports the weight away from the frame thus transferring the load and movement in a more rigid platform.

The cabin has an aluminum exterior wall and a selection of wood, fiberglass, or Polyvinyl for the interior walls. The insulation which is a honey foam structure in each wall and ceiling is rated at R32 whereas the flooring beneath in the frame has an R-Value of 10.3 per inch that is supplied by Thermablok, which is AeroGel that supported the Space Shuttle, which is better than a home that has R32 rating. The reason for this is to protect the systems located beneath the cabin floor that is potentially exposed to the environment; no one likes frozen pipes when in winter conditions.

The ceiling retracts condensing cabin of the trailer into just 5 feet 6 inches when in travel. When docked the ceiling is expanded to an interior height of nearly 7 feet. The canvas supporting the expanded ceiling consists of four layers of fabric. The exterior is of Sail Cloth while the second is of thermal blanket material that is backed by a third layer of sheep’s wool that is covered by the interior Sail Cloth canvas. This technic of layering is the same construction used for military grade tents used in all-weather environments.

The sleeping arrangements consist of a full queen size bed for the 126 configuration and a full king size bed for the 147 configuration. Since there is now a variety of bedding materials, the customer will be supplied with only a 3” to 4” foam mattress allowing for preferred mattress selections. The 126 configuration has the bedding located above the dinette area that is retractable with the ceiling whereas the 147 configuration has either the option similar to the 126 configuration or can be provided as a slide out which is designated as 147S. The slideout option, 147S, provides more sleeping area lower to the floor but also adds more seating area for dinning.

Each configuration will have a wardrobe for hanging clothes, draws for socks and tee-shirts, and laundry storage section. In addition, the cabinet in the kitchen are will have storage beneath the sink and cooktop allowing for storage of complete cook wares, dishes and utensils. The side cabinet in the kitchen is design to be used as food storage or additional cookware storage, or what storage configuration as needed.

The wet bath shower in each unit will be 36” x 36” flush with cabin flooring and will have adjustable tankless hot water that is controlled by a 1lb propane tank, 5 gallon tank is optional, and recirculates water filtered three times from the grey water tank and disinfected by ultraviolet light for long shower periods. This filter system allows the user to either wash with over the counter soap, or organic soap. The system does require using Epson salt as a chemical breakdown of all petroleum products thus eliminating the reused of soap materials in the water table allowing for a clean water shower. The commode is supplied by Thetford which is a 5 gallon cassette set in place on the shower floor; the option for a composting toilet is optional.


When considering environmental extremes, every changing economy, and the ability for being self-reliant, the Incognito series of Off Grid Overlanding Travel Trailers can provide that boon docking experience without having to worry power, water and staying out for long periods of time. Granted this travel trailer isn’t for everyone, but it does provide the means to survive. If interested in purchasing a unit, please use the contact page for ordering, questions, and availability as we sell direct to the customer.