So-Cal Teardrops
  Latest News:
SoCal Tear Drops will only be able to sell to the public for the next six weeks due to Dealership contract requirements.  Starting July 1, 2023 all orders will be handled through supporting dealerships.
Used Teardrops

Can't wait for a new build?  We have a couple So-Cal Teardrops available, the first one listed, is at our shop now :)

Click on the link to check out some photos. 


2021 458 "BUZZ - OFF ROAD" - ASKING $17,692.40 


****SOLD****2017 510 XS - Asking $27,000****SOLD****


****SOLD**** 2022 459 Sierra - Asking $15,765  This a Demo Model ****SOLD****


****SOLD****2014 408 Buzz-On - Asking $9,900****SOLD****