So-Cal Teardrops
  Latest News:
SoCal Tear Drops will only be able to sell to the public for the next six weeks due to Dealership contract requirements.  Starting July 1, 2023 all orders will be handled through supporting dealerships.

Take a look at our trailers!

510 Kascade

Having fun in Death Valley!

The first video is our 510 XS trailer making it through a small rough patch of road at Viking Mine and the second video compares how our 510 Kascade model follows the same patch, a little bumpy, but fully capable.

Death Valley - Viking Mine - 510 XS - So-Cal Teardrop Trailer


Death Valley - Viking Mine - 510 Kascade - So-Cal Teardrop Trailer


One more Death Valley video.

Death Valley - 510 Kascade - So-Cal Teardrop

Customer Videos:

Arrowhead to Silverlake - 510 XS - So-Cal Teardrop Trailer

Burns Canyon - Big Bear - 510 XS - So-Cal Teardrop Trailer

Gorman - 459 Krawler - So-Cal Teardrop Trailer

510XS - Go Places Others Can't